Juvenile Wushu Series: Broadsword Play


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Juvenile Wushu Series: Broadsword Play

Demonstrator: Zhang Lihui

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Language: Chinese with English, Simplified Chinese, French, and Spanish subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

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The whole routine can be divided into 2 segments, consisting of 18 forms with many kinds of broadsword techniques. When practicing, pay attention to move another hand to harmony with broadsword, the hands, eyes, body footwork and weapon must be coordinated well. Exercising the movements of this routine can improve the body qualities and settle a good foundation for mastering the wushu.

Series Introduction:

The series provides children/juveniles an
introduction to Wushu (martial arts) and the
basics of various forms that help improve
the body physique and lay a good foundation
for mastering the wushu skills.

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