Juvenile Wushu Series: Routine II of Chang Quan


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Juvenile Wushu Series: Routine II of Chang Quan

Demonstator: Zhang Lihui

Order No. D1004


Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)

Language: Chinese with English, Simplified Chinese, French, and Spanish subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

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The movements of Chang Quan (Long-style Boxing) call for a clear distinction between motion and stillness, between quick and slow movements, with clear performances, imposing manner, and a strong sense of rhythm. The emphasis on agility and coordination makes Chang Quan perfect for children, whose bodies are still growing. The routine is divided into 4 segments and consists of 34 forms including hand forms, stances, and hand and leg techniques. The movements are simple, easy, and perfect for beginners.

Series Introduction:

The series provides children/juveniles an
introduction to Wushu (martial arts) and the
basics of various forms that help improve
the body physique and lay a good foundation
for mastering the wushu skills.

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