Learning Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang: Characters Words A


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Learning Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang: From Characters to Words (A)

张老师教汉字: 汉字拼读课本(上)

Author: Zhang Huifen
Order No. 15126
ISBN-13: 9787561912935
ISBN-10: 7561912935
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BLCUP
Pub Year: 2006
Language: Simplified Chinese, English, Pinyin
Size: 7 x 10
Page: 223
Price: $17.95

Learning Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang is a set of textbooks for an elective course of Chinese characters for foreign students without any Chinese learning experience. This set of textbook includes Reading and Writing Chinese Characters and From Characters to Words, separating in a proper way the teaching of writing Chinese characters from that of reading Chinese characters.

From Characters to Words has two volumes. Each volume contains 15 lessons. Highlighting the formation of a character by combining different component parts, the book establishes association and analogy among Chinese characters. The book groups pictophonetic characters by their phonetic elements and provides various tips for memorizing characters, aiming at helping learners master a system, by which they can change the regular pattern of Chinese characters formation into a law of learning Chinese characters.

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