Open for Business: Textbook and Exercise Book, Vol. 1


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Open for Business: Lessons in Chinese Commerce for the Millennium: Textbook and Exercise Book, Vol. 1

新世纪中级商用汉语: 课本及练习册(上)

Author: Jane C. M. Guo

Order No. 15347

ISBN-13: 9787561914090

ISBN-10: 7561914091

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: BLCUP

Pub Year: 2005

Language: Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, English

Size: 7 x 10

Page: 238+83

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Open for Business is an advanced reading course designed for students who have an advanced level of Chinese language proficiency or who are in their third or fourth year of a Chinese language curriculum in the U.S: either at the undergraduate-or graduate-level. Upon finishing this textbook, students are expected to reach a higher level of proficiency in which they are able to read newspapers, magazines, or other business-related documents as well as to make business presentations or conduct business negotiations.

Open for Business has two volumes. Each volume contains textbook and exercise book. Volume 1 provides a macro-economic overview of recent changes in Chinese policies and business practices; Volume 2 focuses on micro-economic issues such as how China’s entry into the WTO may impact on China’s foreign trade and key domestic industries.

These exercises are designed to improve the student’s ability to use Chinese business lexicon correctly.

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