Orissa: The Dazzle From Within (Art, Craft & Culture of Orissa)


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Orissa: The Dazzle From Within (Art, Craft and Culture of Orissa)

Author: G.K. Ghosh
Order No. 51154
ISBN: 8170245931
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1993
Pages: 293
Language: English

The book gives vivid description of Orissa unique art, craft and culture giving details account of its history, performing art, cult and culture, language and literature besides creative art like weaving, stone carving leather ware, metal ware and so on. Orissa is not only the land of Oriyas but also the land of 64 tribes. Culture and art of tribes are dealt in separate chapters. The book is personal study of the author who not only belonged to the state of Orissa but also had opportunity to study in details in his official capacity. The book will be of immense help to researchers, tourists, Govt. Departments and Public who would like to know more on Orissa.

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