Political Awakening in Kashmir


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Political Awakening in Kashmir

Author: Ravinderjit Kaur

Order No. 51093

ISBN: 8170247098

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: APH

Pub Year: 1996

Pages: 226

Language: English

Political awakening in Kashmir discusses the key aspects and facets of Kashmir politics comprehensively, analytically and dispassionately. It starts off with a detailed examination of the political, administrative, economic and social conditions prevailing in the State at the time it was founded. The work proceeds further to discuss the growth of national consciousness in the state and socio-religious reform movements led by various communities of the State, these reformist movements formed the basis of the struggle for freedom in the state. The book “also discusses in detail the impact of national movement in India and the constitutional reforms undertaken by the Dogras from time to time. The work rounds off the discussion with an elaborate and detailed description of the causes which led to Muslim unrest and its after effects.

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