Popular Hinduism: The Religion of the Masses


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Popular Hinduism: The Religion of the Masses

Author: L.S.S. O’Malley
Order No. 51109
ISBN: 8189226358
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2000
Pages: 246
Language: English

India has been described as the land of religions but the most popular among them is Hinduism. The author in this book has observed that there are differences between the beliefs and practices of the cultured classes and those of the masses. The religion of the masses has few of spiritual conceptions. A mixture of orthodox Hinduism and Animism (a primitive form of religion) combines Brahmanical rites and observances with the fetishism of lower cults. There is a great variation of beliefs and practices, but there are also certain common characteristics.

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