The Bitter Sea: “Morphing” and Other Stories


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The Bitter Sea: “Morphing” and Other Stories

Author: David Ke

Order No. 1048

ISBN-13: 9781931907446

ISBN-10: 1931907447

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2007

Pages: 226

Language: English

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

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The Bitter Sea is a volume of fourteen stories that portrays Chinese immigrants in a vivid tapestry to present their harsh, relentless lives despite the dreams that have initially led them across the choppy Pacific Ocean.

While “At Chicago Chopsuey Restaurant” and “Modern Comedy” describe the psychological pressure immigrants are under, “The Family Tree” shows how a family in Toronto goes out its way to carry on the family tree. “The Red Tulip” is about a student yearning for company, and “C’est la Vie” tells of how a woman from Hong Kong survives in Canada and how the narrator, a fengshui master, holds on to Chinese values. “Stewed Pork and Pickled Cabbage” is about a Chinese brought to Canada against his will, while “In the Venus Theater” sketches a Chinese delegation secretly viewing pornographic movies in Vancouver. Finally, “The Bitter Sea Knows No Bounds” depicts a professor suffering in America but toughing it in order to have a better tomorrow. Incidentally, three of the stories are set in China, offering glimpses of lives from the old country in the sixties and seventies.

With Chinese immigrants playing a growing role in North America, this book of short fiction will serve to inform its readers of their endeavors, values, sentiments, and hopes, in addition to providing an entertaining read.
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