The Chen-style Taiji Sword


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The Chen-style Taiji Sword


Demonstrator: Wang Yongxiang

Order No. D1188



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Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

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The Chen-style taiji sword belongs to one of the short weapons in Chen-style taiji series. The series is of the characteristics of reasonable layout, close linkage and clear sword techniques. The sword techniques of thrust, hack, upper cut, parry, point, slice, push, dispel and so on, combined with extending bodywork and agile-moderate footwork of Chen-style taiji Sword have the changes of valor or gentleness, hiding or appearing, close following, prancing and somersaulting, which really show that Chen-style taiji sword is characterized by using the body to operate the sword, stretching continuously and alternating with quickness and slowness. In this education program, master Zhang will introduce the series of practicing methods of Chen-style taiji sword and the main points of actions in details. You have a chance to appreciate the outstanding skills and rich learning of the great free-combat master.

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