The Classical Gardens of Suzhou


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The Classical Gardens of Suzhou



Author: Xu Wentao, et al.
Order No. 3011
ISBN-13: 9787542613271
ISBN-10: 7542613278
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Shanghai Sanlian Press
Pub Year: 2000
Pages: 47
Language: English and Chinese




Laid out within a limited area by the house, a classical garden of Suzhou is a microcosm of the world made of water, rocks, vegetation and various kinds of buildings. The classical gardens of Suzhou are excellent examples of Chinese landscape gardening and important models for garden studies. The book features the following nine major gardens in Suzhou with respect to their history and characteristics, with over 150 color photos.


The Humble Administrator's Garden
The Lingering Garden
The Master-of -Nets Garden
The Mountain Villa With Embracing Beauty
The Canglang Pavilion
The Lion Forest Garden
The Garden Of Cultivation
The Couple' S Garden Retreat
The Retreat & Reflection Garden

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