The Holy Spark


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The Holy Spark: Rogel and the Goddess of Liberty

Author and illustrator: Yu Li

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Translators: Haiyan Chen & Xianfeng Mu

ISBN-13: 9781931907422

ISBN-10: 1931907420

6 x 9, Hardcover, 260pp

Fiction, Children/Young Adult

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Rogel, a little angel from the Paradise Star, was handsome, gentle and brave. By chance he met Kally, who had been imprisoned in a heavenly lake for three thousand years because he wanted to conquer the Earth. Having realized his folly, he was now truly repentant. Rogel and Yoyo, a red-haired fox, started their journey to look for the Goddess of Liberty who had the power to free Kally. On their way, they defeated various kinds of demons, devils and ghosts by virtue of their wisdom and bravery. They saved many kind-hearted people—kings, princesses, dwarfs, and poor villagers—and received their help in return.

At last, Rogel, Yoyo and Hont, a little prince from Moon Land whom they met on the way, arrived at Liberty Island, but a snake fiend was plotting against them, trying to prevent Rogel from achieving his noble goal. How will Rogel ignite the Goddess’s torch with a holy spark? And will he succeed in obtaining the golden key to freedom from the Goddess of Liberty?

The first book ever written by a Chinese author on the Statue of Liberty, The Holy Spark advances themes of faithfulness, kindheartedness, bravery, forbearance, and the triumph of good over evil. Inspiring and engaging, “it is perfect for young readers and will keep them highly entertained for hours.” Learn More…

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