The Memoirs of Hun Pong


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The Memoirs of Hun Pong: The Pendulous Life of a Korean Man Who Served Both Sides of a Divided Nation during the Korean War

Author: Hun Pong (Park Yongjae)

Translator: Hanjun Park

Order No. 1074

ISBN-13: 9781931907705

ISBN-10: 1931907706

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2011

Language: English

Size: 6 x 9

Page: 206

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This is a true story of a Japanese-born Korean man who struggled for survival during the Korean War. It is also an inspiring book about human yearning for survival in the most miserable circumstances. Born in Japan, Hun Pong returned to his fatherland Korea after it became independent from Japan and worked for the Korean Civilian Army. Once the war broke out, he was captured by, and forced to work for, the North Korean force, during which he witnessed a lot of cruelties and atrocities. In the midst of the war, he gave himself in to the South Korean force and later worked for the Combat Police of South Korea.

After the war, he began to look for his family who had parted separately and lived a miserable life. Meanwhile, he met his wife, raised his children and started to run a printing business to support his family. Since running a business in Korea at that time was also warlike, he had to move several times till he finally settled down in a village.

Born in Seoul, Korea, Hanjun Park is the grandson of Hun Pong. He entered Seocho Middle School in Seoul where he served as Vice President of the Student Association. He moved to Canada to study at St. Michaels University School and later entered New York University, majoring in economics.

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