The Rabbit’s Tale 2020


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The Rabbit's Tale 2020


  • Author: Duk Kyu Park
  • Translator: Brother Anthony, et al.
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  • ISBN-13: 9781622460748
  • ISBN-10: 162246074X
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
  • Pub Year: 2019
  • Language: English
  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Page: 186
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About the Book


The Korean classical novel Rabbit’s Tale (kor. Toggijeon) tells the story of a Dragon King who falls ill, and learns that only the special properties found in a rabbit’s liver can make him well again. He sends a terrapin ashore to find the rabbit and trick him into coming to the Dragon Palace. The rabbit outwits the Dragon King and narrowly escapes death. The Rabbit’s Tale 2020 is a full-length novel based on the classical tale, but reworked to be enjoyed as a contemporary story. Master Rabbit, like the Eastern sage Confucius, wanders from kingdom to kingdom preaching his political philosophy. The young Terrapin Apothecary, simple-hearted but wise, is at first the rabbit’s adversary, but the two later become comrades. The story also highlights a love affair between Master Rabbit and the Dragon Queen. In the introduction, the story is presented as an adaptation written 240 years ago for audiences in the distant year 2020.


About the Author


Park Dukkyu was born on July 12, 1958. He graduated with a degree in Korean Literature from Kyunghee University and completed graduate studies at the same university. He made his literary debut in 1980 in the journal Poetry Movement (kor. Si Undong) and since then has been active as a poet, novelist and literary critic. His works include volumes of poetry such as The Beautiful Hunt and The Butterfly Who Emerged from the Alley; prose novels such as Fly, Turtle! and Letter from the Dock; and a collection of short stories about North Korean refugees, Here yet Alone. He is currently employed as Professor of Creative Writing at Dangook University. He has received the Pyeon’un, Yi Sang-hwa, and Seojeongsihak Literary Awards.


The following video incorporates themes from the story on which the book is based:


Table of Contents

Curtain, Up! The Future Is an Open Book . 9

Scene 1. The face behind the mask . 19

Scene 2. How not to become the prey of wolves . 25

Scene 3. You dream, I tempt 39

Scene 4. When will you return? . 51

Scene 5. I am Lord of the Universe . 69

Scene 6. Who will come forward? . 77

Scene 7. What a mysterious world is this! 93

Scene 8. Is it okay to slit open my belly? . 106

Scene 9. Some are hard-line, some are soft 115

Scene 10. Such a strange parting! 128

Scene 11. Tricks will not work anymore . 141

Scene 12. Crawl, run, fly! 152

Introduction to the Terminology . 170

Tale of the Rabbit on Stage—Some Remarks on

The Rabbit’s Tale 2020 . 174

Author's Afterword appearing in the Korean

language publication 184

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