Understanding China’s Criminal Procedure


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Understanding China's Criminal Procedure

Author: Yi Yanyou
Order No. 1085
ISBN-13: 9781931907828
ISBN-10: 193190782X
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books and Tsinghua University Press
Pub Year: 2013
Language: English
Size: 6 x 9
Page: 330
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Understanding China's Criminal Procedure This book gives a concise but comprehensive introduction to Chinese Criminal Procedure to people who do not know Chinese language but are interested in learning about Chinese law. In order to make the introduction easily accessible, this book discusses problems which are commonly examined and debated by Western scholars in a way that Western legal scholars are familiar with. Since a significant amount of Western criminal procedure laws concerns citizens’ constitutional rights, this book focuses on the protections of citizens’ constitutional rights in the context of criminal procedure.

In particular, this book seeks to address the following questions: To what extent does the contemporary Chinese Criminal Procedure Law protects citizens’ houses, privacy and personal freedom? Does the suspect have the right to remain silent when being interrogated? Shall the defendant be presumed innocent when facing a criminal charge? To what extent does a defendant have the right to a fair trial? These questions will be addressed in turn in this book, providing detailed analysis and explanations for each of the issues identified.

YI Yanyou is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Evidence Law Research Center at the School of Law of Tsinghua University in Beijing. YI teaches and researches in the area of criminal procedure law, evidence law, and judicial system. He is the author of Chinese Criminal Procedure and Chinese Society (Peking University Press, 2010); The System and Spirit of Evidence Law: With Special Reference to Anglo-American Law (Peking University Press, 2010); Law of Criminal Procedure (Law Press, 2008); Jury Trial and the Adversary System (Taipei, Sanming Bookstore, 2004); and On the Right to Remain Silent, China University of Politics and Law Press, 2001). Yi’s publications also include more than 30 scholarly articles and essays published in law reviews and journals.

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