Well-known Cultural Literates of China: Laozi / Zhuangzi


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Well-known Cultural Literates of China: Laozi / Zhuangzi

历史文化名人:老子 / 庄子

Order No. D7111
ISBN: 7884082055
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Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: 50 min.
Number of Disc: 1
Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles
Publisher: Qilu Audio and Video Press
Pub Year: 2007
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Laozi is a great thinker in the Spring and Autumn period and founder of Taoism. His Tao Te Ching started China’s ancient philosophy. His philosophical thoughts and the Taoism had a great influence on the development of ancient civilization in China.


Zhuangzi, a follower of Laozi, was a representative of the Tao school in the Warring States period. Meanwhile, he was a brilliant writer and philosopher. In his representative work Zhuangzi, he explained the essence of the Tao school and expanded it, consolidating the position of Tao school as an influential philosophical school.

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