Women In Islam (2 Vols.)


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Women In Islam (2 Vols.)

Author: Naseem Ahmad
Order No. 51174
ISBN: 8176483850(Set)
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2002
Pages: 987
Language: English

Among the Islamic themes which have occupied the attention of the learned circles and have been the subject of debate and discussion, that of woman’s rights have acquired great importance from various angles. The modern educated generation has leveled certain objections to it. In the present work to begin with, the rights granted to a Muslim woman have been briefly touched upon, and later on, the main objections raised against them have been examined. The issues dealt with here, have all been exhaustively discussed from all angles. In dealing with all the issues polemic style has been avoided since it closes the doors on receptivity and appreciative understanding.

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