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Welcome to Homa & Sekey Books
Publisher and distributor of fine books on Asia



Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group

By Chen Wei
Order No. 1105
Price: $16.77


Shaolin Kungfu (Illustrated)

By Lv Hongjun
Order No. 1089
Price: $14.97

Taijiquan (Illustrated)

By Yan Shuangjun
Order No. 1090
Price: $20.97


Chinese New Year Painting

By Wang Shucun
Order No. 1091
Price: $17.97

The Historical Architectural Map of Beijing

By Li Luke, et al.
Order No. 1098
Price: $59.97


The China Well-being (Minsheng) Development Report 2012

By Renwu Tang, et al.
Order No. 1097
Price: $89.97

Decoding Critical Genes of Enterprises

By Bin Yan
Order No. 1094
Price: $29.97


In a Seed

By Hyang-Ah Lee
Order No. 1106
Price: $11.96

Salt in Ancient China

By Song Jupu and Jing Hong
Order No. 1093
Price: $39.95


The Illustrated Book of Chinese Tea

By Wang and Guo
Order No. 1092
Price: $29.95

The Crane in the Clouds: Shijo: Korean Classical Poems in the Vernacular

By Sung-Il Lee
Order No. 1095
Price: $16.95


A Grand Retreat and Other Plays


By Lee Gun-sam
Order No. 1096
Price: $24.95

Disappearing Shanghai

By Howard W. French and Qiu Xiaolong
Order No. 1084
Price: $29.95


The Dream of the Red Chamber

By Cao Xueqin and Gao E
Order No. 6144
Price: $39.95

Understanding China's Criminal Procedure

By Yi Yanyou
Order No. 1085
Price: $99.95


Beauty of Stone Windows

By Sanmen
Order No. 1082
Price: $69.95

Reading the Times: Poems of Yan Zhi

By Yan Zhi
Order No. 1087
Price: $19.95


Chinese Civil Procedure and the Conflict of Laws

By Chen Weizuo
Order No. 1086
Price: $74.95

A Concise Illustrated History of Chinese Printing

By Luo Shubao
Order No. 1071
Price: $39.95


China's Terracotta Army and the First Emperor's Mausoleum

By Yuan Zhongyi
Order No. 1072
Price: $29.95

Teaching Chinese the American Way

By Guoping Ren
Order No. 1083
Price: $49.95


The Three Character Classic (2nd Ed.)

By Wang Yinglin/Phebe Xu Gray
Order No. 1081
Price: $24.95

Fields Interaction Design (FID)

By Stephen Jia Wang
Order No. 1088
Price: $29.97


Managing China's Modernization

By Dr. Edwin Pak-wah Leung
Order No. 1078
Price: $59.95

Translucency: Selected Poems of Chankyung Sung

By Chankyung Sung
Order No. 1073
Price: $13.95


The Memoirs of Hun Pong

By Hun Pong (Park Yongjae)
Order No. 1074
Price: $19.95

Our Encounter: Selected Poems of Kyu-Hwa Kim

By Kyu-Hwa Kim
Order No. 1076
Price: $12.95


IQChinese Mandarin Basics

By IQChinese
Order No. S1012
Price: $149.00

The Legend of Haibao 1

By Jing Ding Cartoon
Order No. 1067
Price: $14.95


The Legend of Haibao 2

By Jing Ding Cartoon
Order No. 1068
Price: $14.95

Educational System in China

By Ming Yang
Order No. 1060
Price: $60.00


The Art of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang

By Fan Jinshi
Order No. 1057
Price: $23.96

Two Lifetimes:
A Novel

By Joanne Guo
Order No. 1058
Price: $13.56


Seven Kinds of Mushrooms: A Novel of the Cultural Revolution

By Zhang Wei
Order No. 1059
Price: $13.56

Chopsticks-Fork Principle x 2

By Cathy Bao Bean and Dongdong Chen
Order No. 1055
Price: $47.96


Everything I Understand about America I Learned in Chinese Proverbs

By Wendy Liu
Order No. 1056
Price: $13.56


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