China Classical Music, Vol. 5—Jiang Jun Ling


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China Classical Music, Vol. 5—Jiang Jun Ling

Artist: Various

Order No. C1018

ISBN: 7880571183

Label: Huasheng Audio & Video

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Recording of traditional Chinese melodies. Instrumentation includes Erhu, guqing, guzheng, and dizi.

Songs: 1) Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon
2) The Autumn Moon over the Ping Lake
3) Tolling of Buddhist Temple
4) Flowing Water and Moving Clouds
5) Raindrops Falling on the Banana Leaves
6) The Golden Snake Danced
7) A Dragon Boat Match Championship
8) General’s Command
9) Endless Love, Endless Hate
10) The Two Phoenixes Flying Towards the Sun
11) Horse Racing
12) Chains

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