Chinese Folk Music: Zheng


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Chinese Folk Music: Zheng


Artist: Various

Order No. C1029

ISBN-13: 9787880650044

ISBN-10: 7880650040

Number of Disc: 1

Label: China Young Adults Audio & Video Press

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Zheng, also named as guzheng, is a traditional plucked Chinese zither which developed from a small instrument made of bamboo originally used by ancient herdsmen. The tone quality of the zheng is mellow and clear. This CD collects 11 famous Chinese melodies. Includes:

High Mountains and Running Rivers

Sound of Bells from the Temple

Three Refrains on a Plum Flower Melody

Su Wu Longs for His Native Place

Autumn-anxiety Aside the Dressing Table

Raindrops Struck the Banana Leaves

The Grievance of Lady Zhaojun

Autumn Moon Shines on the Pinghu Lake

A Song from the Fishing Boat at Dusk

Crows Play Water in the Winter

Flower, Moon and River in the Spring Night

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