History of the War in Afghanistan (in 2 vols.)


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History of the War in Afghanistan (in 2 vols.)

Author: John William Kaye
Order No. 51081
ISBN: 8187226080(Set)
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1999
Pages: 1350
Language: English

The book is a collection of unpublished letters and Journals of political and military officers employed in Afghanistan throughout the entire period of the war. The author was in India during the period of war, but he never took even the humblest part in any of the events related to war but Promises that the work is trust worthy and authentic. In most cases he had in his possession the original letters and documents – in the rest authenticated copies. These volumes basically deal with the Political history of the war and are rather deficient in the respect of the military details. The book begins with a chapter on. Shah Zemaun, the rise and fall of Deuranee empire and covers almost all the events which were witness to the upheaval and blood shed in the country to the restoration of empire to dost Mohamed.

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