HSK Mock Tests, Advanced (3 Tapes)


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HSK Mock Tests, Advanced (3 Tapes)

HSK汉语水平考试模拟试题集(高等) (磁带三盘)

Order No. 15043-T

ISBN-13: 9787887180100

ISBN-10: 7887180104
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
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Three tapes only to accompany the book HSK Mock Tests, Advanced (HSK汉语水平考试模拟试题集(高等)). DOES NOT INCLUDE TEXTBOOK.

Series Introduction:

Compiled by experienced Chinese teachers according to the outline of HSK test, the whole set includes three volumes: Basic, Elementary and Intermediate, Advanced. The exercises are focused on the difficult points that students
are likely to meet. Through intensive exercises, students will be trained to better understand and master the
main language points and basic vocabulary, and thus be fully prepared for the test.

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