India Police 2001: What Went Wrong Here


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India Police 2001: What Went Wrong Here

Author: James Vadackumchery
Order No. 51086
ISBN: 8170249678
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1998
Pages: 191
Language: English

This book identifies twelve areas of police work and examines- ‘what went wrong here?’ The analysis is made on the light of management principles and thoughts. There is a milieu analysis as well. The cultural, social, legal, psychological environments are to be studied well to appreciate the development of a behavioral pattern in police. A change in police can be effected only if there takes place an internal change in police themselves. The meditation and introspection may aid the police to have an insight into their own, behaviors, ‘strategy for the further’ will enable them to arrive at right conclusions.

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