Indian History, Historian and Historiography


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Indian History, Historian and Historiography

Author: Kamal S. Srivastava
Order No. 51168
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Sangeeta Prakashan
Pub Year: 2000
Pages: 258
Language: English

This book is in very exhaustive and authentic manner. It contains the facts of Indian History, Historians and Historiography of ancient and mediaeval period of India. Apart from Bibliography, it also includes appendices consisting of a) Nature and Scope of History, b) Historical Research-Methodology, c) Indian Historiography ancient period d) Muslim Historiography in India and e) Mughal Historiography. It authenticates the published and unpublished valuable sources from, the ancient, medieval historians’ contribution; Apart from a lucid exposition of historiographical theme, which is certainly fruitful to stimulate further fascination on the topic by history-lovers and scholars.

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