Lumbar Myalgia


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Chinese Medicine Massage Cures Diseases in Good Effects: Lumbar Myalgia


Demonstrator: Jiao Naijun

Order No. D5005

ISBN: 7884082276

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Length: 54 min.

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Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

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Lumbago refers to the pains at one side, both sides or the centre of the waist. It can be regarded as either a symptom of several diseases or an individual disease. The causes of lumbago are mainly as follows: being infected by unhealthy environment influences, renal weakness, aging and multi-disease, getting sprained, tumbled and contusion, and having extravasated blood and vital energy. The pathogeny is mainly caused by pathological changes in the soft tissues in the waist, intervertebral disc and viscera, as well as inflammations in waist joints. Massage on the relevant acupoints on the waist can dredge the blood and vital energy, eliminate swelling, soften and relax the waist to make the whole body comfortable. A better effect with a shorter therapy time is expected if cupping therapy is applied at the same time.

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