US Arms to Pakistan: A Study in Alliance Relationship


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US Arms to Pakistan: A Study in Alliance Relationship

Author: Devidas B. Lohalekar
Order No. 51057
ISBN: 8170243831
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1991
Pages: 154
Language: English

It will be true to say that, the arms race continues in quantitative and more dangerous qualitative levels. The problem of having equal security has become a problem of equal danger. Hence it can be mentioned that, the concept of security as the formation and preservation of an alliance depends on the military capacity of status as well their political incentive to co-operate militarily due to their offensive and defensive alliances. Also analyzed are the Pakistan-U.S. security relations during the last thirty eight years which have been based as much on the geostrategic relations and compulsions of both the South-West Asian region as on super power globalism after World War II.

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