World Fights Terrorism


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World Fights Terrorism

Author: R.N. Sharma
Order No. 51062
ISBN: 8187226625
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2002
Pages: 319
Language: English

This book is a fact file. It sincerely records the onslaught of Terrorism before and after the holocaust of the Black Tuesday 11th September 2001. The author has gathered material from News Papers, Journals, Internet and all other modern sources of communications particularly in the West. Significant pictures have been given throughout the book to enliven the subject. Terrorism today crosses all national frontiers. It is a world problem and not only USA but the whole world is fighting against it. Not giving any personal suggestions, the author has gathered and presented data about the world’s fight against terrorism in such a way that every enlightened man and woman may be stirred to think over this problem, look around and look within and decide his or her role to fight this world menace so that our earth may become a fit place for freedom, equality, fraternity, peace and progress.

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