The Great Indian Religions


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The Great Indian Religions

Author: G.T. Bettany
Order No. 51103
ISBN: 8187226366
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2000
Pages: 291
Language: English

The Hindu system was dominated by Brahmans, a religious Caste without whom the Hindus could not attain or keep ceremonial and religious purity. The system of degeneration into polytheism which was the basis of Hindu theology was later adopted by Sikhs and Bramhosamaj. Buddhism is an offshoot of early Brahmanism was a part of revolt against the iron tyranny of the Brahmanism. The idea of seeking absorption in the Infinity was how ever conjoined with the practical moral discipline that gave Buddhism and enormous vitality and power. Buddhism was followed by a Zorastrianism which was simpler yet a kindred system reversing early vedism with the simple worship of God by the symbol of fire. In its conception of dual Government of the Universe by good and evenly powers it contributed most importantly to world Philosophy.

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